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Here’s What We Can Do For You!!

Initial Discussion

If you’re looking for professional help from an experienced realtor to sell your property, get in touch with me!

Market Position
We will finalize how we can position your property on the market and categorize its type of real estate.
Once we’ve finalized our terms of listings, you can proceed to sign all listing documents.
Property Attributes
I’ll study the age, type, and location of your property in detail. I’ll help you determine all the unique aspects of your property and fix anything that needs fixing.
Manage Negotiations
I will present all offers based on a predetermined schedule. I will also be available on the property during inspections.
Concierge Services
If you wish to hire professional movers to help clear out your property, get in touch with me. I can put you in touch with experts in the area, and oversee their work for you.
Meet and Greet
Book an appointment with me and let’s discuss your property in detail.
Price Range
I can help determine the price range per square foot for your property. In all cases, you get to decide the final list price.
Closing Permits
I can help you identify signage permits for your neighborhood and ensure that all county permits have been closed out on time.
Create Listing
Let’s showcase your property to potential buyers. I can help you create a listing, submit it to MLS and all customer-approved platforms, and alert 600 plus Downing Frye Realtors and contacts about your property.
After ensuring that all your papers are in order, I’ll accompany you to the closing table.
I’ll conduct extensive research on your property and draft a comparative market analysis (CMA) based on my evaluations. If your property has any defective attributes, I request that you disclose them at the earliest opportunity.
Terms of Listing
Let’s finalize the number of months, compensation, and duty charges. We’ll revisit our terms in 30, 60, and 90-day intervals.
Once your documents are in order, we can prepare your property for photographs and showings.
Open Houses
I hold open houses every Sunday for the first month and bi-weekly sessions after that.
I provide frequent updates after a week, a month, and a year after closing the transaction. You’re also welcome to reach out with a question at any time.
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