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Here Are the Services We Provide!

Pre-Meet Discussion

Before the initial meet and greet, I hold a brief discussion with my clients about their wants, needs, time frame, and motivations for buying a property.

Mortgage Appointment
I’ll accompany you to your mortgage appointment and, if needed, keep you on track with gathering paperwork before and after the appointment.
Write Offer
I will draft an offer based on the terms we agreed upon.
Inspection Report
During the inspection, I’ll be present on your property to help the process flow smoothly. Afterward, we can discuss the inspection report, and I’ll answer any questions you have.
I’ll schedule a meeting at a time of your convenience. We can review 30-40 proprietary questions about homeownership in Southwest Florida.

Obtain the pre-approval or the pre-qualification letter.

Finalize Offer
I’ll submit, present, negotiate the offer, and update the lender, attorney, or title company.
Final Walkthrough
We’ll go through the contract one last time, and I’ll accompany you to the closing. After that, the keys are yours!
Determine Buyer Type
Let me know which payment method you prefer, cash or mortgage-assisted buying. I can help you identify mortgage lenders.
Discuss Offer
During listing appointments, I will discuss the offer with you and help identify a contact you would like to utilize.
Meet Deadlines
If you need help keeping track of and meeting your contractual and lender deadlines, get in touch with me.
Concierge Services
After the process is complete, we provide referrals for household services. Meet expert movers, housekeepers, gardeners, and more with our help!
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